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Nov 22, 2021

Dana and Max are back this week looking at Midnight Hunt and Crimson Vow. This week they’re talking about their favorite commons and uncommons from the two sets. Which ones do they plan on playing and which are just great for certain decks.


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Nov 15, 2021

Max and Chris are back for another installment of the Decks You Play series. This week they’re looking at patreon supporter Ravis’ Eligeth, Crossroads Augur and Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker deck. Tune in to hear how they help this Flying and Scrying deck soar to victory

Ravis’ Deck: 

Nov 8, 2021

Dana, Max and Chris are joined by Mike from the Social Contract EDH Podcast. They all sit down to discuss Mike’s favorite part of the game, Group Hug and Politics at the table. Tune in to hear if Mike can change the minds of the CMDR Central crew on Group Hug!

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Oct 25, 2021

Dana, Max and Chris are back to discuss Mark Rosewater’s Mechanical Color Pie 2021 Changes article. Tune in to hear what points from the article they found interesting. Do they agree with everything in the article?


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Oct 17, 2021

Dana, Max and Chris are back to discuss Gavin Verhey’s Good Morning Magic episode about the top 5 cards he regrets making. This leads to them discussing cards they would change if they could. Whether if the card is too strong or just too easy to play. Tune in to hear their list.

Good Morning Magic Episode: