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Jul 27, 2020

Dana and Chris discuss deck archetypes and strategies that make use of non-combat damage as a means to victory. They discuss some of their own decks as well as decks they have seen in the wild. This episode gives some things to consider when building a deck that does more than just “turn creatures...

Jul 20, 2020

The full cast is back to discuss what deck changes they would make if particular cards were banned from their decks. Giving insight into what choices these pilots make regarding what makes the cut.

Dana’s decks:
Max’s decks:
Chris’s decks:

Jul 13, 2020

Dana and Max are back this week discussing counterspells in EDH. From reviewing the top 20 from EDHRec, discussing some of their favorites, to how they decide to run the counterspells in their decks. 


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Jul 6, 2020

Dana and Max welcome Lenny Wooley to the show! This week the three of them sit down to discuss brewing outside of the box. Whether its around a theme, a commander, or a unique idea; see how they like to make their decks feel unique. 

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